Creating great environments has just as much to do with lifestyle as it does infrastructure. Industriel has over 100 collective years experience in the lifestyle industries of entertainment that gives us an understanding of creative programing that is second to none. At its core are environment designers, production directors, cultural programmers, food & beverage operators and taste-makers who have developed some of the most noteworthy projects and events in NYC, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Chicago, in their respective fields.


Picking the right market or location is only part of the equation, making sure the peg fits the hole is another. Lifestyle is both the peg and the hole. Our commitment to creating impactful environments that engage the whole of the community is one of our most essential focuses. 

Event Management and Development

Business Development

Industriel embodies a unique position of offering a financial lifestyle strategy concierge.  No matter what financial challenges clients may face, we have the experience and resources to create a financial roadmap to success. A healthy financial lifestyle includes revenue increase, debt leverage, mitigation funding, asset protection, wealth building and wealth preservation.  Through proper analysis and choices we are able to help clients achieve financial goals and milestones for their business or project.

Facility Management Systems

Corporate Directive Consulting

Corporate Management Solutions

Sustainable Development

We are always striving to develop communities that bring 21st century innovation, creative programming and Smart City technology together. Through our experience and resources, Industriel is able to take a land development project from conception to delivery on small, medium and big project scales.

Land Development IP & Management


Our corporate responsibility model starts with education. Our focus in education is inclusive of the continuing prosperity of adults as well as the future leaders of tomorrow.  We develop programs that speak to the desires of all ages through music, film, culinary, technology and performance arts as well as entrepreneurship, economics, health, environmental and community relationship enrichment. All of our programs have two lanes of engagement. The first is giving students access to state of the art tools and methods while the second is delivering accessibility to the leading edge levels of industries as mentors and guides.

Community Development & Enrichment Solutions

Marketing / Media

  • Media Packages (videos, websites, EPKs, logos, etc.)

  • Artist Development​

  • Production

  • Network Marketing Management

  • Market Delivery Operations

Brand Marketing & Content Development

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